Monthly Retainers

Once you're signed up to a Wild Side monthly retainer, we become your Lifecycle & Retention Marketing partner. We take a strategy-first approach and full ownership, making sure our work delivers impact, strengthens your brand and feeds into your wider business goals.


Ease of doing business together is paramount for a successful working relationship, so we use a credit system for managing workflow and billing.

This brings transparency and efficiency to our delivery, whilst giving us the flexibility required to take full responsibility as your Lifecycle & Retention Marketing Partner.

Working like an extended part of your team, each role utilises credits per hour, led by your Growth Marketer. With no two months the same, we're able to bring together the right resources as needed.

Rate Card

Credits required per hour:

Growth Marketer — 6

Creative Strategist — 6

Klaviyo Engineer — 5

Designer — 4

Copywriter — 4

How it works

1) Choose your plan

Subscribe to a monthly retainer that suits your stage of growth and appetite for speed.

2) Roadmapping

We'll start with an analysis of where you are now and lead on defining each month's projects on an ongoing basis.

3) Delivery

We get to work on what we do best and hold bi-weekly growth meetings to review progress and pool ideas.

Monthly Retainers



Monthly Credits


Investment per month




Monthly Credits
(5% Extra Free)


Investment per month




Monthly Credits
(10% Extra Free)


Investment per month


Additional Credits On-Demand

If you need a one-off project completed in addition to your monthly retainer, or simply need to top up your credits in a given month, you can purchase credits on-demand.

Available in blocks of 10 credits for £250.
New clients must purchase a minimum of 50 credits.


Strategy & Planning

We don’t deliver emails to request, we take a strategic approach and consider how lifecycle & retention marketing sits with your overall growth strategy. Diving into the details of your customer experience, we'll develop strategies that make sense for your brand, not just any e-commerce business.

Customer Journey Mapping

Using our own JTBD framework, we'll identify the key messages to deliver and the best channel to use at each step of your customer journey.

Insights & Analysis

To add depth to our planning, we'll run customer surveys and interviews to better understand why and how your customers buy.


Working on a monthly basis and aligning with your wider marketing calendar, we'll put a plan in place that always priorities high-impact tasks.

Creative Strategy

Taking the time to understand the details of your brand, we'll craft creative strategies that foster deeper engagement and drive brand loyalty.

Lifecycle & Product

Deliver a 5-star customer experience to make buying from you easy and enjoyable.

Lifecycle Marketing

We'll engage and nurture customers along their journey, building stronger relationships, increasing satisfaction, driving repeat purchases and ultimately increasing your customer lifetime value.

Onboarding Automation

Onboarding automations that create a positive first impression, establish credibility, and set the stage for long-term engagement, ultimately contributing to higher customer retention rates.

Transactional Emails

Once someone's decided to make a purchase there lies huge opportunity. We make sure the experience they receive adds value, building brand affinity and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchase.

Subscription Flows

From the moment they sign up to the moment they cancel, we design automations that contribute to sustained revenue growth, improve customer satisfaction and decrease churn.

Growth Marketing

Behaviour-led automations and campaigns designed to drive revenue and your core growth metrics. We're not here to send as many emails as possible, we're here to solve retention problems and help build your business.

Cross-Sell & Up-Sell

We aim to maximise revenue and deepen engagement with tailored recommendations based on customer insight and behaviour.


Through targeted and intriguing content, we aim to reignite engagement, prompt customers to take action, and convert them back into active customers.

Loyalty & Rewards

We treat your repeat customers like VIPs. By rewarding loyalty we foster a sense of appreciation and encouraging ongoing engagement.

Referral Programme

Proactively fuelling word of mouth marketing. We build referral programmes that create enthusiastic brand advocates and reduce your reliance on paid marketing channels.

Brand Newsletters

A newsletter can be a powerful brand building tool as well as a fantastic way to bring new potential customers into your ecosystem. We believe in creating newsletters as standalone products, epic content that's seriously shareable.

Concept Creation

We'll work with you to develop a concept that's aligned with your vision, values and audience desires.

Content Design

From the initial template design to ongoing content curation, we'll design newsletters that deliver value over and over again.

A/B Testing & Analytics

Always learning. We'll constantly review progress and optimise for growth. From layout optimisations to ensuring we stay out of spam boxes.

List Growth Strategy

Make more of your website traffic by capturing leads. We’ll create and build your first-party data strategy to also support your acquisition marketing.


New product launches with a bang, seasonal promotions or targeted campaigns with a specific goal. Aligning with your wider marketing calendar, we'll make sure you make the most of your retention channels during campaigns.

Campaign Strategy

Aligning on a wider campaign or developing a retention campaign strategy, we'll put a plan in place and assign


We'll take full ownership of campaigns, assigning credits, briefing on creative and optimising performance as we progress.

Multichannel Execution


Calendar Planning


Frequently Asked Questions

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