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Wild Side is the VIP suite of retention marketing for e-commerce and subscription startups. Maximise your customer lifetime value with Campaigns, Email Automation, SMS and Direct Mail.
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Deepen the connection with your best customers

For D2C, e-commerce, subscription and SaaS startups:

Attract your ideal customers and keep them for longer with exquisite experiences across Email, SMS and Direct Mail.


Build and leverage your first-party data to identify the right people and time to engage.


Deliver messages tailored to the individual for the exact stage of their journey.


Build your brand and fuel word of mouth with compelling content.

At Wild Side, we deliver value to your customer and your bottom line. With us as your Lifecycle & Retention Marketing Partner, you'll gain access to a full suite of creative, management and optimisation skills for your campaigns and automations.

Get setup on Klaviyo, improve your segmentation or launch a branded newsletter...

With our growth metrics and experimentation process, we aim to exceed even your loftiest expectations and deliver an unrivalled 5-star experience.

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Proud to partner with top platforms:

One campaign achieved an instant £34k return.

Acquisition is sexy but retention is where smart teams focus.

There’s more to life (growth) than paid social.

Giving your money to Meta in exchange for new customers is addictive, but it’s getting more expensive by the day. Of course, with shiny creative, stellar landing pages and a little algorithm leveraging, you might feel like you’re moving in the right direction.

But then the gong sounds! You realise your CPAs are climbing, your Average Order Value is decreasing and profitability is taking a hit.

Your marketing needs to be more efficient.

You need customers upgrading to the penthouse suite, ordering Champagne and waxing lyrical to their friends about the extraordinary experience.

That is where the art of Retention Marketing takes centre stage.

Retention marketing works to help increase your Lifetime Value and build loyalty, giving you what you need to scale profitably. As enamoured customers start recommending you, the whole system gets more efficient and your LTV:CAC ratio gets better and better.

When you choose to hire Wild Side, you gain access to a team of experienced growth and creative strategists. We don’t just send emails, we craft experiences and orchestrate campaigns to build deeper relationships with your customers and capture additional revenue.

You’ll be sat at the bar with a martini in hand before you know it.

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Creativity and technical wizardry combined.
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Wild Side is a retention marketing team led by Jonathan Sadler and Katherine Heath.

100% remote, we work with the best talent and clients in the world.

Managed every aspect of allplants’ crowdfunding campaign to raise a record £4.5 Million
Jenny - CGO, allplants

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